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Updated: Mar 17

We'd like to introduce Anne Craig who has joined us as our new Spa Director at The Spa by AB Living. Anne will play a lead role in the development of our brand and facilities at The Spa, carefully curating the fantastic range of products and services we will offer as we aim to create a truly unique spa experience in Cumbria.

Anne Craig, Spa Director at The Spa by AB Living
Anne Craig, Spa Director at The Spa by AB Living

Anne is incredibly passionate about her role and has a wealth of experience working within the spa industry having previously worked at The North Lakes Hotel & Spa and Bannatyne's Health Club. She tells us more about her career history: "After graduating with a performing arts degree with honours, I embarked on a career in beauty as I found that although I loved all aspects of performing arts, I enjoyed creating different make-up looks for my theatrical roles more than anything else. This saw me being head hunted whilst still at university to work as lead make-up artist on various productions and media shoots." "My love for beauty started as soon as I set foot back in the classroom, although initially slightly worried as I was classed as a mature student, I soon realised I had made the right decision to continue my learning. I worked incredibly hard to learn through each beauty job I undertook to get the experience and skills to be able to get to where I am now."

Anne’s focus at AB Living is to bring a truly unique and relaxing wellbeing experience to Cumbria that breaks boundaries and becomes part of our way of life.

Anne explains: "Time spent relaxing and working on your health and wellness is never time wasted yet we do not do enough of it. We are creating a truly unique spa that not only breaks boundaries with our outdoor spa experience, but delivers a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere from start to finish."

"Whether it is a Tai Chi class, a relaxing pedicure in our nail studio, a massage, brunch with friends or a skin specific facial within our skin studio there will be something to help everyone reach a new level of wellness." "Being brought on board at the development stage of The Spa is extremely exciting as there is so much to do to create this incredible experience. I look forward to meeting lots of lovely new clients and welcoming them into our wonderful haven of relaxation and wellness."

Our Spa & Wellness Centre is due to open in summer this year (Covid-19 restrictions permitting).

We look forward to introducing additional members of our growing team as our development progresses. To sign up to our email updates about The Spa, click here.

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