The Rasul: what is it and how can it benefit your wellbeing?

A less well-known spa treatment, a Rasul is a unique treatment that offers a truly relaxing multi-sensory experience. This Arabian inspired cleansing ritual which uses a combination of heat, steam and mud dates back over hundreds of years and offers many health enhancing benefits. As we've chosen to include this special treatment within The Spa by AB Living, we want to tell you more about it and how it can benefit your wellbeing.

When we were deciding on which heat elements to include within The Spa, we were spoilt for choice. There were so many different options from Turkish hammams to hot Roman steam rooms, but the one thing we had to have was an Arabic Rasul, as it promotes wellbeing in such an effortless way!

When looking forward to a spa day, many people often think of a soothing facial or massage, however many are yet to experience the benefits of a relaxing rasul mud treatment.

What is a Rasul?

A rasul, also referred to as a ‘rhassoul’ or ‘hamman’ chamber, offers a treatment born from the ancient Arabic cleansing/bathing rituals as a type of ritual purification. The use of mineral-rich mud, steam and heat work to cleanse the skin, relax and rejuvenate the body and mind whilst releasing toxins and removing impurities from the skin (the body’s largest organ).

Slightly smaller than a steam room, a rasul is, in essence, a steam chamber.

In ancient Arabic times people would seek out warmed mud and apply it to each other to help soothe their bodies and immerse all five senses. They found that the psychological benefits alongside the physical were remarkable.

Cognitive neuroscience explains that neural changes happen in our brain for many reasons, take being told ‘no’, for example, which can send a sudden release of stress producing hormones to the brain. These chemicals then interrupt the normal functioning of the brain. If language is deemed destructive it is likely we will think it over and over causing damage to our emotions, feelings and general mental wellbeing, which leads to an increase in irritability and anxiety.

In ancient Arabic times the Arabs saw how destructive these emotions could be and the upset they could cause, and developed guidance to overcome the inner stresses we can have - much like how we in the UK have developed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to explore the links between emotions and stress and how best to ease it.

The rasul ritual is still used in many Arabic countries as a practice such as spiritualism and good mental health and wellbeing, used as a guide for those suffering from emotional stress to aid them into a meaningful quality of life.

The metabolic effects of a rasul mud treatment have a positive influence on your psychological state as negative ions are removed from your body which increases your feeling of well-being. This works alongside the social side aspect of the rasul treatment with friends or your partner, that increases our feelings of happiness. All you need to do is sit and relax whilst your body does the work.

How do you use a Rasul?

Firstly, once dressed in your swimwear you are required to shower as to remove any surface dirt sitting on the skin and prepare the skin for the next step.

You then exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells, as this will allow for a better absorption of the nutrients from the mineral rich rasul mud to work deeper into the skin.

Then you apply the mud. Two to three large scoops of the rasul mud is enough to be applied to the whole body including the hair and scalp. Once applied you can enter the rasul chamber and let the steam and heat do it’s work.

Once you have been inside for 25 minutes you can then use the Kniepp hose to wash the mud from your body and leave the rasul.

Once the ritual is fully completed you relax, drink water and wait until your temperature and pulse rate have returned to a normal level where you will then feel fully rested and rejuvenated.

What are the health and wellbeing benefits of using a Rasul?

The benefits of using a rasul are great, both from a natural and therapeutic viewpoint.

The relaxation element of this thermal mud treatment helps to promote that ‘feel good’ chemical that gives feelings of happiness and euphoria, thus reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Combining the water, heat and perspiration can help to reduce stress, whilst the relaxation element works to assist with hormonal change in the body, which in turn, helps to also suppress stress hormones. Perspiration alone helps us to regulate our bodies temperature and gives a boost to the circulatory system.

Using a rasul regularly helps us to teach and train the cardiovascular system which in time can help it to work better and more steadily. The thermal treatment can also reduce muscular tension, relieve inflammation and assist in improving the skin's complexion.

Physically your skin will feel smoother, be softer and more plumped, and will have a more youthful look as the rasul mud is a therapeutic skin conditioning treatment.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to our spa to experience the pure relaxation of our rasul and reap the many benefits of this ancient thermal mud treatment.

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